Character Cake Kit

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Build your own 3D standing or sitting character with our easy to use kit. This kit is not just seasonal, you can create many different characters all year around. This product will be available to buy all year. Our character cake kit is recyclable, reusable and to make life easier it can be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. 

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Contents of the kit:

  • 1x 10" round base board
  • 1x 6" round platform 
  • 4x foundation rods 
  • 4x lock nuts
  • 2x adapters 

Please note that this kit can be built in two different ways. Below is written instructions on how to build the structure both ways. 

1. Place the 2 adapters into 2 of the foundation rods at the smooth end.

2. Place the ridged ends of the foundation rods into the holes of the 10” base boards and screw them both in with the lock nut under the board.

3. Place the remaining 2 foundation rods into the 6” platform and screw into place using the lock nuts underneath the platform.

4a. Finally, place end of the foundation rod with the platform attached onto the adapter. The platform should be between the 4 foundation rods with 2 above and 2 below and the structure should be firm and complete with all parts used.

4b. Alternatively to step 4a, place the smooth end of the foundation rods onto the adapters sticking out of the 10” base board. The platform should be at the top of all 4 of the foundation rods and the structure should be firm and complete with all parts used.