Help Guide for LED Light Pack


No Power

Please check the clear plastics tab in the bottom of the remote control is completely removed.

Try replacing the AAA batteries in the battery pack.

Make sure the battery pack is switched on (push the black button to the right as you look at it)  Please remember to switch off after use as the LED controller will keep using battery power in standby mode.

If the LED’s become unresponsive please replace the batteries.


The remote and the LED controller come automatically paired, but sometimes can become unpaired.

 Please try re-pairing the remote & LED controller using the below steps

  1. Disconnecting the LED controller from the battery pack and then reconnect making sure the white wire goes to the red triangle on the LED controller and use new batteries.
  2. Within 5 seconds of reconnecting press the speed - & speed + together for 5 sec on the remote control. The LED controller & the remote should now be paired.