Cake Support Pin (Bulk Pack 50)

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Product Features

  • Always cut to the right length
  • Easy to cut
  • Extra support
  • Uses fewer dowels
  • Large head
  • Made in Great Britain



A new revolutionary cake dowel, made from food grade plastic which is fully recyclable. The cake support pin has removed the need to keep nibbling bits off the old straw & bamboo dowels.

Once Scored simply snap between finger & thumb for a perfect finish.

The cake support pin is exactly the same length from the top to the middle as it from the bottom.  

Insert your first cake support pin (CSP) at the highest point across your cake. Take the measurement on the + side of the CSP you then matching the number on the - side then score using a craft knife. i.e If you read +3 under the pin head you just simply turn the pin over and score -3 from the bottom of the pin. You then have perfect support for your tiered cake.