Introduction Pack

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Pack Includes:               

2 x Packs of Cake Support Pins

1 x 12” Black Glitter Cake Drum

1 x 12” Mauve Glitter Cake Drum

1 x 10” Clear Glitter Cake Drum

1 x 10” Clear Cake Drum

3 x 9” Cake Support Plates

3 x 8” Cake Support Plates

3 x 7” Cake Support Plates

3 x 6” Cake Support Plates

Made in Great Britain

This fantastic introduction includes £15.49 of cake making kit for just £12.00 - it's a great way to sample the new product range from Cake Tools Direct.

  1. The revolutionary Cake Support Pins, which is the perfect dowel for supporting your tiered cakes.
  2. The amazing 3 in 1 Cake Support Plate, that ticks all the boxes.

                 Is it a Cake Board          ✔                        

                 Is it a Template              ✔                 

                 Is it a Ganaching Plate  ✔        

  1. Our 10” & 12” Cake Drums which will add that extra little sparkle to your creations.

All the above products are made from food-grade plastic, which is fully recyclable.